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ARC Readers Needed

If you've watched any BookTube lately you're sure to have heard of something called an ARC. What is it exactly, and why is it important? Well, I'm here to answer those questions for you.

An ARC is simply a free copy of a book given to a reader prior to its publication in exchange for a review. An Advance Review Copy or Advance Reading Copy (ARC) is a finished copy or nearly finished copy sent out to readers either by a publisher or directly by an author if self-publishing, for the purpose of building excitement for the release of the book.

ARC readers will read the book and write an honest review to post somewhere online either shortly before or the day of release.

I am looking for a few people willing to help me by agreement to be an ARC reader for Book Two of The Brisand Family Saga as its release day is quickly approaching. If you're interested, reach out to m on social media or by sending an email to



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